Thunderbirds 1.7 – Vault of Death

The character above is Lillian, Lady Penelope’s cook. She’s one of exactly two amusing things about “Vault of Death,” and the other is the episode’s final scene, which is funny.

Last time out, I suggested that Lady Penelope should have had her own show. I withdraw the suggestion. This episode works exactly like a “backdoor pilot” for a Lady Penelope TV series and it’s so awful. It’s slow and it’s boring, and Daniel squirmed like a crazy person, restless for International Rescue to appear, which they finally do thirty minutes into the thing.

It’s perfectly easy to overlook logical fallacies or scientific inaccuracies when you’ve got entertaining characters doing amusing or engaging things, but Parker’s antics just annoyed me, making the plot holes impossible to ignore, and I’d really rather not waste time talking about them. I know that we’ll have some awful, awful episodes of Batman to suffer through before we’re finished, but so far this has been the worst thing we’ve watched.

Still, Daniel insisted that he enjoyed it, so it’s all good. He didn’t enjoy it as much as he did “Trapped in the Sky,” though!


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