Batman 1.14 – Batman Stands Pat

Well, Riddler, you have lost your crown as “most unnerving Bat-villain.” The Mad Hatter succeeded in freaking the almighty blazes out of our son tonight. Not content with dumping super-fast hardening plaster over Batman last time, he and his men had a big fight with our heroes in a room with a deathtrap machine on a conveyor belt and Daniel did not enjoy it at all.

This really struck me as unusual until I thought about it. See, the Batfight is always Daniel’s favorite part of the episode. He jumps and swings and laughs and enjoys them tremendously. But this time out, they really sold this machine as something full of spikes and blades and the Mad Hatter couldn’t wait to get Batman on it and… this gets really outre… stretch him and shrink him and turn him into a hat.

“He’s flipped his lid,” said one henchman to the other.

So now, with this silly machine firmly established as a really ugly threat, the Batfight in this room – which, incidentally, goes on forever – had Daniel on the edge of his seat, teeth clenched, security blanket in hand, and then Robin got knocked onto the darn thing and the world ended.

“I HATE the Mad Hatter! He’s worse than the Riddler!” Daniel bellowed. And he must be. The Riddler only made Daniel cry once in four episodes. The Hatter is two for two!

My daughter and I talked with Daniel about it and reminded him that Batman will always win, and always beat the bad guy, but I’ll tell you, friends, if they made a show in which Adam West and Burt Ward rescued kittens from trees, it would probably go over a little better. Thank heaven we’ve got Thunderbirds next…

Oh, and how did Batman get out of that plaster “shroud” in which he was encased last time? He held his breath until he was chipped free. Seriously.


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  1. in which Adam West and Burt Ward rescued kittens from trees…

    And I just found out what I’m going to commission from an artist at DragonCon or AWA or another convention sometime in the next 12 months. Thanks!!

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