Thunderbirds 1.6 – The Mighty Atom

Friends, I gotta tellya – I’ve heard more about the absence of Thunderbird 4 from this show than I’ve heard anything the last five weeks or so. This kid has wanted to see the yellow submersible craft so badly. Finally, he got his wish. And oddly, as I wrote in the last installment about this show, I’d reminded him of Lady Penelope and The Hood, and they all turned up in this one.

This episode’s not nearly as fun as the previous one. Everybody talks in exposition, with nuclear plant workers saying dangerous things like “nothing can possibly go wrong,” and Jeff Tracy saying to Lady Penelope about how he’s aware of what exciting adventures she’s been having. Of course, you have to buy a comic to read those; she didn’t get her own show, like she should have. The high point is Parker and Kyrano having a tug of war with the drinks tray, arguing who should serve the others.

The Hood is still unnamed in the show, because he never talks to anybody. The episode actually starts with what turns out to be a very, very lengthy prequel, set a year previously, in which The Hood, caught photographing a top secret nuclear plant in Australia, shoots his way out, and a random bullet starts a chain reaction that wipes out the place, and almost envelopes Melbourne in a radioactive cloud. So a year later, armed with a robot camera-mouse which is oddly named The Mighty Atom, with International Rescue up and running, he decides to blow up another nuclear plant, this time in Africa, knowing our heroes will be called to help, just so he can send a camera up the gangplank of Thunderbird 2 and shoot some pictures. Thanks to an incredibly convenient plot contrivance, all he gets are pictures of Lady Penelope’s face.

Bizarrely, the Tracys and Lady Penelope still have no idea this guy’s even out there. How odd!


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