Thunderbirds 1.3 – City of Fire

The more excited Daniel gets, the more insufferable he gets. Kind of like a lot of four year-olds that way. He buzzed all afternoon upon hearing that we were watching Thunderbirds tonight, and this was 48 minutes of one question after another. He had a question about everything this evening. We had to pause and explain that the family trapped in the corridor was in an underground car park twice. Five minutes later he asked “Why are they underground?” And so on.

This isn’t an episode to show kids learning about fire safety. The trapped family does everything wrong. We had to remind Daniel that in the event of a real fire, get down on the ground, and in the event the ceiling starts collapsing, get underneath the furniture, don’t sit on it breathing in the smoke.

About which, a great deal of leniency must be given for the unreality of television, but in the time it takes Thunderbirds 1 and 2 to cross the Pacific, the Firefly to move the rubble of a collapsed 370-story building, the Mole to dig down to the underground corridors, and Scott and Virgil to cut through three (three!!!) blast doors, I’m afraid those poor people inhaled an amazing amount of smoke.


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