Batman 1.5 – The Joker is Wild

Daniel needed a little backup to make it through this one. He picked up a small plastic stool – he’s mostly outgrown it – and wields it like, well, like a four-barreled cannon, because that’s precisely what it is. It is his “Bad Guy Cannon,” and it destroys bad guys like the Joker, and melts them, and it makes Daniel strong and brave.

Weirdly, he totally did not need that cannon when this episode began, with the Joker pitching in a prison softball game and springing – literally, with a great big spring because this show is so wonderful – out of jail. He’s been waiting for the Joker, who he has known from toys, since we started. He recognized him in prison uniform because hey! white skin and green hair – that’s the stuff! In fact, he said “I don’t like the Riddler and the Penguin. I ONLY like the Joker!”

But as soon as the Joker was in his classic purple suit and laughing maniacally, Daniel was out of the room like a rocket. So I think I’ve figured it out. These three villains and Witchiepoo all get under his skin and they all laugh like hyenas. He came back with his “Bad Guy Cannon” and stayed to the end, eyes popping up from behind the sofa, but it’s the laughter that drives him bugnuts. Maybe next week, the next villain won’t be so prone to giggling…?

There’s a great bit in this story where Bruce and Dick just happen to be in the commissioner’s office when, for no readily apparent reason, the Joker or one of his gang throws a clown doll through one of the windows. Bruce asks to take the doll as a souvenir of his “brush with crime,” and Gordon and Chief O’Hara just hand the dang evidence right over. No wonder these cops always have to call Batman for help.


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