Batman 1.3 – Fine Feathered Finks

Oh, thank heavens. There was no bawling tonight!

Well, if Frank Gorshin’s Riddler is my favorite Bat-villain in any media, Burgess Meredith’s Penguin, “the aristocrat of crime,” is my second favorite, and he didn’t leave Daniel broken down in tears. He did hide under his blanket during the first scene at the K.G. Bird & Company umbrella factory, grumbling “I don’t LIKE him!” until we pointed out that the Penguin hadn’t actually done anything yet.

“He’s just a super bad guy!” he protested.

In fact, the cliffhanger left him completely confused. Bruce Wayne tries to leave a bug in Penguin’s storefront, but the Penguin has a bug-alarm, which drops a net on Wayne and then Penguin gets him with a gas umbrella. He has no idea who the guy is, and figures he must me a rival bent on industrial espionage, and just tells his henchmen to throw him in the furnace. “Industrial espionage” being a bit over Daniel’s head, he just asked “Why is he doing that?” Preferable to the panic we had last week, I suppose!

Marie’s favorite bit came when the heroes resolve to find all the umbrella factories that have opened in the last three days. There have been three. We know that Gotham City is a teeming metropolis, but any town that can support the opening of three umbrella factories in three days really is packed full of people… even if one of them’s a front for crime, that’s a heck of a lot of bumbershoots. At least they’re all made in the USA.


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  1. Maybe this establishes Gotham City as being located in the Pacific Northwest? The demand for umbrellas is quite staggering there. Not to spoil an upcoming episode (but does it really count, considering the show is almost 50 years old), but a reference to another well-known metropolis is made later in the first season…

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